Anatomy of a Guitar Clinic

I: Introduction and a Q&A

  a: what do you hope to get out of this

  b: this will dictate the direction of the clinic

II: Hand Outs

   A; Scales and Chords

      a: where do scales come from - the chromatic scale

      b: where do chords come from

         i: notes of the scale and chords as they exist in the scale

   B: Four Chord Forms and Two Chord Types

      a: how to use them

      b: harmonizing with other players

   C: Modes

      a: where they come from

      b: what they are

      c: what does one do with them

III: Improvisation

   A; playing in the Box

   B: how to create solos

IV: Playing outside of the box

   A: advanced playing and scales